Films get famous, but the production house stays anonymous. Everyone remembers the film. No one knows who made it.

Why does this happen? Because our industry isn’t networked enough. There’s been no one platform to connect the best production houses, crew, directors, etc. I mean, till right now, we hadn’t even gone online!

Till right now.

Welcome to An online platform, created to connect the whole industry together in one cohesive place, helping the right people find each other. You can upload work and showcase your showreel, and soon you’ll be able to post jobs, hire talent and connect with local and global resources, etc.

IcrewedUP lets you build your own web page (unlike YouTube and Vimeo, which are just sharing sites), to showcase your production house’s work. So when you make a film, everyone who matters will know.

Here’s how:

  • Keywords – Tag your films/photos/work with relevant keywords, to ensure they’re easily categorized and searchable.
  • Search – People can easily find you on the basis of your work, types of projects you’ve worked on, locations ,etc.
  • Sharing – Share your reel with anyone either from the website or on social media.
  • Networking – The right kind of eyeballs, because it is featured on a platform dedicated to the art, craft and business of filmmaking and has the best production houses, directors and crew looking at it everyday.

Put your Production House front and centre. Sign up with today. (Link: Here’s a sample of what your page would look like)

As an early bird bonus, our subscription worth Rs. 9999 is FREE to you, if you sign up now.

Happy filming.